The LOOKOUT! Creed (Promise!)

“What is a creed” we hear you ask. Well, as you will have no doubt noted the LOOKOUT! ethos is very much inspired by ‘lookouts’ who have worked the sea. Critically they provide a ship’s Captain with insights to help them determine their next move, be it to avoid disaster, win a battle, save time or rescue a damsel in distress!

Before you wonder where this is going there is something called the “Sailor’s Creed”. We really liked what the creed stands for, so we decided to create our own - creatively called the ‘LOOKOUT! Creed’. This is our promise to our team, partners, clients and customers. So without further ado…

“We are LOOKOUT!:

• We will support, assist, defend and maximise our clients’ businesses and whilst we will always work to agreed deadlines and criteria, we will also challenge our clients to ensure they get the best return on investment,

• We respect the laws and ethics surrounding data and research that exist globally and regionally,

• We will proudly serve our clients with honour, courage, commitment and confidentiality,

• We are committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all."