We are LOOKOUT! and we pride ourselves on becoming our clients very own ‘look out’. Not only do we provide guidance and assistance in identifying potential hazards, risks and problems, but we also help to identify exciting and profitable opportunities that may lie on the horizon.

We are based in Manchester, a city known for its innovation and creativity, and in true Mancunian style we too have an original approach to our work. Our clients tell us that we are so much more than the ‘usual’ research company. But why? Well, we are told that it has something to do with our wonderfully talented team, which is focused on delivering meaningful research projects, that provide clarity, insight and direction.

In our role as a ‘lookout’, our clients receive the key facts and information on time, in a clear and concise way enabling them to plot and navigate their way to success.

Despite the fun and playful nature of our brand, please don’t think that our fabulous team of highly talented individuals is not totally serious about the important work that we carry out for our clients. And please remember, if you are looking for help in navigating your way to success, or want to avoid potential hazards, please drop us a line.